The SCU kill strategy is a surprise move that can break a dead-locked game for a nuke or an assassination, particularly on large maps where the huge distances between bases make surprise assaults untenable. A better name for this strategy would be the SCU Teleport Kill. It can only be done with the Seraphim and Aeon faction as they are the only factions with teleporter upgrades on their SCUs.

The strategy consists of hitting a high value, low HP strategic target such as a Paragon, Experimental Artillery/Missile Launcher, Strategic Missile Defense or even the enemy ACU with one-three specially upgraded SCU's.

*Note : It's possible to use this strategy with the Cybran Commnader with a Teleporter and Microwave Laser. However, since the teleporter takes the place of the Stealth and Cloak generator, you will quickly die if you teleport in range of enemy fire. With the microwave generator you may be able to quickly kill the ACU, leading to a draw.


  • Build a T3 Quantum Gateway.
  • Build one to three Support Commanders. If you are going to teleport more SCU's than this you best have a Paragon, lots of power and energy storage, or be willing to do without power for a significant amount of time
  • Upgrade the Support Commanders to have the teleport ability. (Note: only Aeon and Seraphim SCUs can be upgraded with a teleport enhancement)
  • Upgrade Seraphim Commanders with a tactical missile launcher; once completed, click on the autobuild icon and make sure your missile is built before initiating teleport. The nano-repair upgrade can be critical for the extra 45000 HP and can allow your SCU to accomplish its mission before death. Unfortunately, the Overcharge cannon and the teleport are on the same arm so you can have only one or the other.
  • Aeon Commanders need no other upgrades, they do double damage with their guns out of the box. Unfortunately, their teleporter is on their back so they cannot be upgraded with a shield before executing this tactic.
  • Make sure you can afford 10,000 energy per second per teleporting commander for 30 seconds. If not all your shields and intel will go down and the teleport will take a lot longer.

Teleporting costs each SCU 10,000 energy per second for 30 seconds.  Make sure you have enough power before trying this!


  • Teleport your SCUs into the enemy's base next to your target. Your opponent's artillery will turn inward and turn their base into a pulverized mess!
  • If Seraphim, group-select your commanders and click on the launch button or hot key "L" and left click your target. If you are targeting the ACU, you may only get off one barrage before your opponent realizes what is going on and begins to move the commander around to avoid your missiles. He will also make short work of your SCU's with over blasts unless you cut him down fast.
  • If Aeon, you will depend on your guns and death explosion (1000 damage) to kill the target.
  • Remember to stay close to the target. This way you will not have to shoot you way through shields, and your opponents own defensive fire may do some of the work for you. Stay at minimum launch range if you're Seraphim so you can fire your missiles. Be close to the target to do your death damage.

Example 1: As Serphim you have your commander with double resource allocation (6000 energy per second) and just hit Tech 3. You build a Quantum Gateway and one sub commander and a couple of tech 3 power plants while tech 3 engineers build a nuke silo. While your nuke is being built you upgrade you sub commander with teleporter (15000 mass) and a tactical missile launcher (1000 mass). When the first nuke is built, stop building nukes to conserve power, scout for a Strategic Missile Defense. If you don't see it fire away, if you do, set your commander to teleport next to the SMD. Thirty seconds later you will teleport next to the Strategic Missile Defense and kill it with one shot from you missile, now launch you nuke on the now undefended base.

Example 2: You just built a Paragon. You have a lot of sub commanders (15-20) so you upgrade them all with a teleporter. Using the Eye of Rhianne you locate the enemy commander in his base. After 250 seconds all your commanders finish upgrading so you group select them and have them teleport right next to the enemy ACU. Wait 30 seconds then put on your sunglasses and watch the pretty glowing mushroom cloud from across the map.

Example 3: You noticed your opponent just built a Paragon and all his sub commanders are upgrading. You are Aeon so you have a bunch of engineers; assist upgrading a sub commander with a teleporter and teleport it right on top of the Paragon and queue the attack move right after the teleport. You live for about 7 seconds. In that period of time you do 1400 damage with you weapons while the defender's own artillery do another 3000 or so. Your sub commander blows up doing a final 1000 damage, killing the Paragon's 5000 hp. You put on your sunglasses and watch the pretty glowing mushroom cloud from across the map.

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