Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Shards preview
Max Players 8
Size: 40x40 km
     The Aeon believed that this planet was blessed with The Way, and for generations they protected it from the presence of sentient life. Now that the Coalition is running low on resources, desperation has caused that restriction to be lifted.

Shards is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance. This map is good for predominately naval warfare. There are a lot of places on the islands for stealth missile bases, which enables you to kill many enemy mexes at once. The ideal faction for this map is Aeon because of the hover units. I suggest getting naval bases up right away if you are Cybran or UEF. If you can rush the enemy bases with sea of hover units, then you can probably destroy their ACU. If you are on one of the islands in the middle, then I suggest getting defences up in the middle if the other person on your island is hostile. If they are your ally, then get naval units up. The small islands in the middle are great for tactical missile bases, while the mainland shores are excellent spots for their respective players' strategic missiles or game-ending artillery: far away and close to what is usually the main base, with lots of defense.

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