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Single Player refers to a game with only one human participant. In contrast to Multiplayer.

In this mode you can play:

  • Skirmish where the computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) follows a basic strategy and all factions start from scratch (unless prebuilt units is on).
  • Campaigns, which are a series of battles that follow a scripted story line and assign you certain targets (build unit x, take island y, destroy specified target) in order to progress. Battles may start with a (large) number of units already built and the battlefield will expand as the game progresses.
  • Forged alliances Campaign
  • Supreme Commander UEF Campaign
Supreme Commander came with three campaigns with different missions and endings: Cybran Nation campaign, Aeon Illuminate campaign and the UEF campaign.
Forged Alliance has a single campaign that you can play with any faction excluding the Seraphim.

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