Like the Nomads, this is a mod idea that would add a new faction. It is not currently available to test (and likely wont for some time), but is in progress.
Sovereign Symbol (rough version)

Rough version of the Sovereign Symbol.


The Sovereign Empire (known now as the Old Empire, which originated from the first risers) originates from Tempest, a moon of a gas giant planet known as Tarus, which orbits a star called Alpha Prime located approximately 62.5 light years from Earth. The Empire was noted with having the most advanced technology and the greatest scientific knowledge in the galaxy. The Old Empire existed as far back as 2 million Earth years ago to about 3000 b.c., where most of the race perished from an unknown cause. In Earth year 1257 a.d., the Empire's former leader, AAI (See section "AAI") regathered the remaining members of the species and rebuilt the Empire to its former glory.

The New Empire (taking the former name) was isolated on their resource-rich world for centuries. In Earth year 2014 a.d., AAI and many top scientists designed a Quantum ARC-Tether, which allowed them to leap near-instantly to other worlds. Though the most effective method for long distance travel, the Sovereigns always prefered to use a massive ship (known as Orbitals) to slowly approach the planet (more about that in the section "Space Travel").

After the discovery of humans on Earth, the Sovereigns became very different in their ways of understanding. Observing advancements in technology and behaviour of humans, the Sovereigns learned how to effectively study the Universe by use of Space Stations. Later on, after they anounced their presence to Earth in 2107 a.d., many Sovereigns began to fall in love with humans, and humans with them.

Xenophobia and ignorance began to tear the races apart. A war was declared against the Sovereigns by a xenophobic terrorist group known only as Les élus de Dieu (dialect of French, meaning "God's Chosen"). Political pwers joined them, but were crushed by the Sovereigns, giving them a bad reputation to Earth.

Later, the Sovereigns took many humans whom wanted to stay with them and left Earth. Through methods of artificial amnesia, the ruling governemts brainwashed most humans into believing the Sovereigns never existed. This remained the case for almost two thousand years, until the final days of the Seraphim invasion...

Space TravelEdit

After the formation of the New Empire, the Sovereigns took to building massive ships through mass fabrication. They would then "Leap" (use the Quantum ARC-Tether to travel long distances) to distant world orbits to scan them for resources.

Quantum ARC-Tether uses a method of space distortion to work. Here's how it works:

  • Imagine a 2-Dimensional graph, where (0,0) is where you are. Now imagine a star on every point where lines cross. If you want to travel simply, you have to follow the lines to every point. If you want to get to a specific star, say (57,129) you have to travel directly toward it. BUT, if you bend the graph, distorting the plane, the points (0,0) and (57,129) are in the same place. Now imagine a 3-Dimensional graph. Same thing. Distort the plane to where the desired point is in the same place as the origin.

The idea was designed by AAI, with help from top scientists (as stated in "Story").


The Sovereign government is an Autocracy, the leader being AAI, or Anti-Artificial Intelligence. Not much is known about AAI, other than having male characteristics in behaviour. The reason for the name "Anti-Artificial Intelligence" is because AAI was once a living Sovereign of the Old Empire, but avoided the great extinction of Tempest by downloading his mind into a computer-like unit. AAI's original body is cryo-frozen in a bunker somewhere on Tempest.

AAI is well loved by the Sovereign people for what he has done to help the species, as well as many others.


The Sovereigns generally prefer energy or plasma based weapons. However, they learned of solid-projectile artillery and Nuclear Missiles soon after discovering humans. This lead to units such as the Inferno Class Tech 3 Battleship, Violence Tech 3 Artillery  and Hammer-Head Experimental Mobile Artillery.


Sovereign units are generally similar to those of the Cybran Nation , being light in armor, but tough in weaponry. However, many have laughably thin armor, making their health very low. To balance this, most have shields to almost equal the strength of Seraphim units. Exceptions include their naval and eperimental units.

Many unit names are rather comical, but are based off of either a unit's purpose, or a notable feature of what they do. An example of the latter is the Saber Class Battlecruiser.

List of UnitsEdit

This is a list of units for the Sovereign Empire. Please expect this to change at any time. ( * Units likely included in seperate mod)

Land UnitsEdit

Tech 1Edit

  • Runner - Land Scout
  • Huntsman - Light Assault Bot
  • Pseudoteam* - Jammer
  • Bombarder- Light Artillery
  • Archanist - Medium Assault Bot
  • Catcher - Anti-Air

Tech 2Edit

  • Dominator - Heavy Assault Bot
  • Ardor - Siege Tank
  • Demigod - Medium Tank
  • Stalk System - Stealth Field
  • Sky Popper - AA Flak Artillery
  • Disfugure Unit - Missile Launcher

Tech 3Edit

  • Lambant - Shield Dome
  • Devastator - Siege Assault Bot
  • Fortress - Siege Tank
  • Crippler - Heavy Artillery
  • HL Alpha* - Missile artillery


  • Hammer-Head* - Artillery Unit
  • Doomsday - Assault Bot

Air UnitsEdit

Tech 1Edit

  • Slicer - Interceptor
  • Early Bird* - Gunship
  • Carpeteer - Bomber
  • Heavy Lifter - Transport

Tech 2Edit

  • Brisker - Air Superiority Fighter
  • Barrager - Missile Gunship/transport
  • Swift Dropper - Torpedo Bomber
  • Surveyor - Transport

Tech 3Edit

  • Hypersonic - Superiority Fighter
  • Besieger - Strategic Bomber
  • Barrager Mk 2 - Missile Gunship
  • Orbital* - Transport


  • Ultimatum* - Transport
  • Stratofortress - Aircraft Carrier

Naval UnitsEdit

Tech 1Edit

  • Silhouette - Attack/Stealth Submarine
  • Protector Class - Frigate
  • Defender Class - Attack Boat

Tech 2Edit

  • Preadator Class - Submarine Hunter
  • Hammer Class* - Bombardment Ship
  • Ferry Class* - Naval Transport
  • Optimist Class - Guided Missile Destroyer
  • Guardian Class - Cruiser
  • Immolation Class* - Sacrificial Victory Submarine

Tech 3Edit

  • Zulfuu Class - Submarine Hunter
  • Nest Class* - Drone Carrier
  • Saber Class - Battlecruiser
  • Blazer Class - Battleship
  • Inferno Class* - Battleship/Strategic Missile Submarine
  • Euruptor Class - Tactical Missile Submarine
  • Outpost Class - Aircraft Carrier/Submarine


  • Thunderchild - Dreadnought

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