In nearly every map there are some strategic points. Every player tries to control such points. You can expect that a good player will go to this point of the map with an engineer. If you build a radar or a unit with radar you can see him coming. If your enemy's Engineer stops moving you can come with your transporter carrying a Tech 2 or Tech 3 engineer and steal his engineer. If he has a engineer same or higher tech you can carry your engineer away with your transporter. {C You should watch this carefully, or the enemy engineer will steal yours.

This strategy is only useful in maps with 10 or more square kilometres in size and if your enemy plays a different faction to yours.

If you use a wise combination of yours and his tech and never let him get your engineer you have very good chances of winning.

{C This strategy has a lot of weak points.

  • You should get it to tech 2 ASAP otherwise the other engineer has good chances to escape or steal your engineer.
  • You should build an air transporter (and radar). Otherwise, you may be caught off guard by a turret built while you were still advancing.
  • Defending your base during the construction of your transport and engineer.
  • Be aware of your enemies' action so that your engineers do not get captured.

It is worth noting that as a Seraphim player, a captured engineer is a real prize, if only to create LABs, and later, SAM turrets. This allows a Seraphim player to create ghetto gunships. And, due to extra clamps on Seraphim transports, these gunships are second in power only to a UEF T3 Ghetto Gunships. Because the Seraphim lack a T3 gunship, this makes the investment worthwhile, although these "gunships" cannot attack other gunships directly.

There is no excuse for not taking the chance to get a second faction under your belt. If you capture cybrans you can get mobile stealth, bricks, the soul ripper, and the T3 soothsayer. If you are cybran, get any other factions tech to get good shields, mobile shields, and more accurate artillery.

If you get aeon engineers, use the aeon for mercy snipes, restorers, good shields, and accurate artillery, as well as paragons. If you are aeon, try getting another faction so you can get a better mainline T3 unit {like percies, bricks, or siege tanks}, artillery with AOE, or a more flexible navy { seraphim battleship and cruiser, UEF mobile shield boat and Atlantis, Cybran stealth boat}.

Upon obtaining UEF units, utilize their high health to win in mainline combat, drones to reclaim and hack enemy units, and Atlantis, shield boat, and battlecruiser.If you are UEF, try to get more flexible land units, like hover shields or stealth,better intel units [Cybran soothsayer, deceiver, and stealth units, seraphim combat scout, air scout and T2 sonar,and Aeon eye of Rhianne] , and more aggressive land experimental units.

When you have captured Seraphim units, utilize their hover shields, cruiser, battleship, experimental missile launcher, stationary shields, and sniper bots [as well as their T3 tanks if you are aeon]. If you are seraphim, any other faction's tech can be a blessing, as seraphim units emit radiation upon completion, revealing their presence. Also, as they have the slowest T3 mainline siege unit, utilize the 2nd faction to your advantage.

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