The Stealth Charge is a strategy to launch a large surprise attack by defeating enemy radar.

The Stealth Charge is best executed with massive anumbers of land based units such as tanks, assault bots, shield generators, mobile AA flak, long range missile launchers and artillery. Having a force of about 80 – 150 land units and approximately 25 – 40 long range missile launchers and artillery will show up on a map pretty easily, but this is where the "Stealth" part comes in. Using about 3 – 5 engineers capable of building stealth field generators, have them build a line leading to an access point to the enemies base. Slowly advance your forces while continuously building Stealth field generators; you should be able to hide most of your force. Keep in mind that even if some units show up, you enemy could think it’s only a minor strike force and build light defenses. Following your line, your forces should stage artillery encampments in hilled, forested or high ground as well as in random areas to have the enemy guessing where the bombardment is coming from. Keep that up for a while to attempt to draw out some forces near your stealth field generators and have your forces ready to fight.

Hopefully surviving the attack send your units in fast and hard. Avoid fighting in the open and try to slide your units inside his base and coordinate artillery fire. Use your tanks to destroy any shield or AA while siege assault bots clear any ground threats. Sedloy the mobile AA flak by grouping them in small areas around what parts you control of the enemy base. Fighting off any attempt to get rid of you, the enemy ACU should hopefully be in sight: focus all fire power on the enemy commander except for your artillery and hope that the nuke blast helps your destruction of the enemy.

This method if pulled off it holds big rewards, but has a low success rating and should only be done if all else as failed. (Note: If your enemy takes out a series of Generators behind you that you should either gun it for the enemy base in hopes to catch him off guard, or hurriedly rush back to save your line and regroup later.)

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