Strategic Missile Edit

A fancy name for a nuclear warhead or nuke. These do massive damage in a gigantic area. It can be fired by T3 Strategic Missile Launchers (Stonager, Liberator, and Apocalypse) and T3 Strategic Missile Submarines (Ace, Plan B, and Silencer). Can be launched from anywhere the unit can go to anywhere else. Will break most barriers. Can be blocked by T3 Strategic Missile Defenses (Nuke Eliminator, Guardian, Patron)

In Forged AllianceEdit

The Seraphim have their own T3 Strategic Missile Launcher named Hastue. Unlike the other three factions, the Seraphim do not have a T3 Strategic Missile Submarine. Their Battleship has the ability to launch Strategic Missile. They also possess an experimental missile launcher that can launch a missile once every minute, can only store one nuke at a time, and is one of the game's most expensive experimental units. Seraphim missiles cannot harm the launcher they launch from, even if they hit it directly, but will harm any other launcher, seraphim or not.

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