United Earth Federation


  1. You will never conquer Matar,
  2. The UEF will never surrender to the Aeon.
  3. You are a fanatic.
  4. The end game is approaching. You will lose.
  5. The UEF will save the galaxy from you fanatics.
  6. I will restore order to the galaxy.
  7. You're not winning this fight.
  8. I'm going to add your head to my trophy case.


  1. You fanatics will never defeat the UEF!
  2. The UEF is unstoppable!
  3. I will not let you cleanse this planet.
  4. The Aeon army is comprised of murderers and madmen.
  5. So this is the mighty Aeon Illuminate. I'm unimpressed.
  6. I think you underestimate me.
  7. I will never surrender to you.
  8. The UEF will restore order to the galaxy.
  9. You're nothing more than a crazed terrorist.
  10. It is time to pay for your crimes against humanity.
  11. You and your kind sicken me.
  12. You will die on this day.
  13. There is no stopping us. We will restore the Empire.
  14. I think you underestimate me.
  15. You cannot defeat me!
  16. The UEF will bring order to the galaxy.


  1. You were a fool to come here, Cybran.
  2. I have the might of the UEF behind me!
  3. Dr. Brackman is a crazy old bastard. You follow a fool.
  4. There is more here than meets the eye.
  5. Soon all of the enemies of the UEF will be destroyed.
  6. A Cybran who actually stands and fights?
  7. And here I thought all Cybrans were cowards.
  8. You won't leave Pollux alive, Cybran.


  1. The UEF will finally end the Infinite War!
  2. I have the might of the UEF behind me!
  3. I will defend this facility with my life!
  4. Black Sun will destroy you and every other madman.
  5. This island shall be your tomb.
  6. The UEF will triumph!
  7. There is no chance of surrender. This is a fight to the end.
  8. The UEF will unite the galaxy... No matter the cost.
  9. Mark my words, Black Sun will fire!
  10. Your fanaticism will not protect you.
  11. The Aeon have splintered. You are weak.
  12. I will defend Black Sun with my life.
  13. On this day, the Aeon will be destroyed.
  14. Surrender is your only option!
  15. Earth will not fall to the likes of you!


  1. You'll pay for killing Colonel Arnold!
  2. The UEF will never stop waging war against the Aeon.
  3. Vengeance will be mine!
  4. I will never stop hunting you, Aeon!
  5. You abandoned your humanity a long time ago.
  6. Soon the Aeon will be extinct
  7. You will answer for your crimes!
  8. I will not allow you to escape!

Cybran Nation


  1. Your leaders are nothing more than liars. Do not believe their propaganda.
  2. How much Cybran blood is on your hands?
  3. We want to be free. Is that too much to ask?
  4. You and your kind sicken me. You destroy what you don't understand.
  5. We wanted to live in peace. You forced this war upon yourselves.
  6. Someday the Cybrans will control the galaxy.
  7. The UEF is falling apart. The old ways are dying. Time is against you.
  8. The UEF would enslave all Cybrans. How can you possibly support that goal?
  9. Your madness will be your undoing.
  10. I will never bow to the Aeon!
  11. I will not rest until every Symbiont is free from your terror.
  12. This planet is under my protection. You will never take it.
  13. My AI is always calculating your next move.
  14. The civilians here are under my protection.
  15. This is not a fight you can win.
  16. I will parade your remains through the streets.


  1. We Cybran are advancing along all fronts! You cannot stop us!
  2. All we want is our freedom. Why is that so hard for you to understand?
  3. I will enjoy watching you die.
  4. The UEF is nothing more than a tyrant in disguise.
  5. (Growls)
  6. This is far from over.
  7. Your actions here are immoral.
  8. You will perish on this day.
  9. Procyon will be your tomb.
  10. We will never bow down to your madness.
  11. Your fanaticism is destroying the galaxy.
  12. Today you die.
  13. (Growls again. Louder than 5.)
  14. The Way is nothing more than a fairy tale.
  15. There is nothing here for you except death.
  16. We will be free!


  1. I see the Aeon have decided to join in the fun.
  2. Once that gun is down, the UEF will cease to exist.
  3. Your empire is crumbling.
  4. You can't stop us.
  5. The fires of freedom burn throughout the galaxy. You will now reap what you have sown.
  6. You will pay for attacking Dr. Brackman.
  7. This is much too easy.
  8. You are finished.


  1. The end is finally at hand.
  2. No one can stop us!
  3. The Earth will burn.
  4. Soon Black Sun will be ours.
  5. In a matter of hours, all Cybrans will be free.
  6. The UEF will never enslave anyone again.
  7. It's only a matter of time now.
  8. Once we control Black Sun, no one will ever threaten the Cybrans again.
  9. Today the Infinite War comes to an end.
  10. Black Sun will be ours!
  11. You will never harm another Cybran.
  12. Once the gates go down, the Aeon Illuminate is finished.
  13. The UEF has oppressed us for too long!
  14. Your 'Way' is no match for Cybran technology.
  15. You will never defeat me.
  16. Soon all Symbionts will be free.

Aeon Illuminate


  1. I have seen The Way. Everything you believe is a lie.
  2. Soon the Aeon will have purged the non-believers from the galaxy. There will be peace.
  3. You're gonna have to do better than that, Captain.
  4. The Aeon Illuminate is the truth.
  5. Your fate is sealed.
  6. Marxon will cleanse the galaxy.
  7. General Clarke has betrayed you. She is nothing more than a warmonger and liar.
  8. It is time to end this.
  9. Black Sun will kill millions of innocents. Can you live with that blood on your hands?
  10. You will never defeat the Aeon Illuminate.
  11. The Avatar-of-War has seen your defeat.
  12. Every soul on Earth shall be cleansed by my hand.
  13. Your lies and secrets have been exposed for all to see.
  14. Surrender now, and I shall offer you a merciful death.
  15. Impressive.
  16. Why do you continue to struggle?
  17. There is no stopping the Aeon.
  18. Once the UEF falls, the Cybrans are next.
  19. You are an abomination.
  20. The UEF will never fire that weapon.
  21. I will exterminate the Cybrans myself.
  22. The Avatar-of-War demands Earth be cleansed.
  23. Earth is ours!
  24. You will soon be extinct!


  1. Embrace The Way or be cleansed.
  2. You are destroying the galaxy with your hatred.
  3. You will answer for the crimes committed by the UEF
  4. We are the galaxy's salvation. Accept our teachings.
  5. The Way must be spread to all of humanity!
  6. I have no wish to kill you.
  7. Embrace the way and become a Knight of the Illuminate!
  8. The Princess has foreseen my victory.
  9. You are an abomination.
  10. I will cleanse every Symbiont on this planet.
  11. Your reliance on technology will be your undoing.
  12. We are humanity's only hope.
  13. The Way must be spread to all of humanity!
  14. You cannot stand against me!
  15. Someday I will find Brackman... and the Cybrans will be no more.
  16. I underestimated you. I won't do so again.


  1. The Illuminate is coming for you, Imperial.
  2. Are you afraid Imperial? You should be.
  3. The tyranny of the UEF will not stand.
  4. Your commander suit will make a fine funeral pyre.
  5. The Aeon will purge the galaxy of those who seek to destroy humanity.
  6. It is not too late to accept The Way.
  7. The UEF murdered my family. I will have my revenge.
  8. You are no match for the power of righteousness.
  9. It is time to die.
  10. I serve the Princess. Your schemes will be exposed.
  11. You are an affront to humanity.
  12. When we are through, the Cybrans will be extinct.
  13. The flames of our rightousness are cleansing the galaxy.
  14. You were dead the moment you put that chip in your head.
  15. There will be no mercy for you.
  16. none will mourn you, Cybran.


  1. You dare set foot on Orionis?
  2. You will never stop us!
  3. I will not rest until you are destroyed.
  4. Cybrans are a blight that must be cleansed
  5. I am guided by The Way.
  6. Your presence here defiles this holy place.
  7. You cannot defeat me!
  8. Your days are at an end.
  9. The Avatar will bring peace to the galaxy.
  10. The UEF is close to defeat. Join us so that we can defeat them together!
  11. The Princess is soft and weak. She knows nothing of waging war.
  12. It saddens me to think of killing a fellow Aeon, but I will if I must.
  13. The Avatar has promised glorious rewards to those that follow him.
  14. The Avatar is the reason the UEF army is on the run.
  15. The Avatar Marxon can protect us from the fury of Black Sun.
  16. You should be fighting beside me, not against me!


  1. The Princess is no match for me. and neither are you.
  2. Toth begged before she died. She was a coward to the end.
  3. Once I've taken Earth, the Princess will fall by my hand. She will not escape me a second time.
  4. This is your last chance to join me.
  5. The Way is a weapon. It must be wielded as such.
  6. I will rule the galaxy.
  7. The Seraphim meant for us to lead humanity.
  8. With the power of Black Sun, I will conquer the galaxy!
  9. Cybran Nation

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