(Title should be Basic Defended Resource Outpost Setup)

Whether your a UEF, Cybran, Aeon, or Seraphim Commander this basic design will help you gain resources as well as secure your border early in the game.

In any operation the most difficult resource to harness is mass. Only Mass Extractors and Mass Fabricators can produce it, and only in small amounts (Tech 3 Mass Fabricators do not apply). In order for you to become dominant in your operation and complete the mission, you should take as many mass deposits as you can as early in the game as you can.

Follow these steps to get many mass extractors on line early in the game:

  1. After building on the mass deposits in your immediate area and building a factory, produce at least 5 engineers.
  2. Send your ACU and an assistant engineer to build defenses or power generators
  3. Send a team of 2 engineers to a mass deposit outside your immediate area.
  4. Build a mass extractor with 2 power generators attached to it.
  5. (Optional: If you have enough energy, you can build a radar system so that both generators are connected to it.)
  6. Build 5 or 6 point defense turrets in front (relative, place in direction of where enemy units will come from.) of the group of extractor and generators.
  7. Build 4 or 5 AA turrets behind (relative) the group of extractors and generators.
  8. Surround the entire group with walls and leave a single cell out to provide an exit for the engineers.
  9. Do this repeatedly on as many mass deposits as possible.

This strategy provides defended resource outpost that provides mass, energy, intelligence, and provides a wider defended border

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