Supreme Surrender: You Mean Us No Harm is a three-part comedy series using units from Supreme Commander as characters created by Rooster Teeth. Each episode is about three to four minutes long. As a machinima, it is a type of show which utilizes video game footage in lieu of live action, standard or CGI animation, and relies on creative editing of gameplay, skillful manipulation of camera angles and game mechanics, and liberal use of voice acting in order to tell a story.

Part 1Edit

Part 1 starts with a UEF Mech Marine and a Cybran Hunter arguing over who will first receive the surrender from the ambassador of an unknown third party, revealed to be an Aeon ACU far larger than either the Mech Marine or Hunter calling itself the Ambassatron.

After attempting to accept the surrender from the ambassador, the ambassador brings in the Surrenderbot, a Galactic Colossus, to formally surrender to the Mech Marine and Hunter. The episode ends with the Hunter and Mech Marine dumbstruck by the size of the Ambassatron and the Surrenderbot.

Part 2Edit

The Surrenderbot then begins negotiations with both sides, starting with the Mech Marine, who eagerly accepts the offer to be surrendered to first.

This being a comedy series, and the Surrenderbot being a Galactic Colossus, this does not turn out well, with the Colossus destroying everything in its path attempting to "surrender" through speaking so loudly that it destroys objects like the UEF Snoop that the Hunter and Marine apparently rode in on, and attempting to send messages to nearby cities using a communication ray that can destroy things. The cities are then ravaged by the Surrenderbot, who only damages them further while attempting to put out the fires and repair the damage.

Part 3Edit

Part 3 continues the Surrenderbot's accidental rampage with various acts of accidental violence. The ensuing chaos scares the Mech Marine enough that he proposes to surrender to the Aeon, which only causes more mayhem as the Surrenderbot has never been surrendered to before. It causes an error that narrowly causes the Surrenderbot to self-destruct, which is averted by the Surrenderbot jettisoning an overworked fuel rod, which hits another city, nuking it entirely.

This scares the other two sides so badly that the Mech Marine and Hunter decide to suddenly break off the whole process by fleeing, leaving the Aeon machines standing around by themselves. Although it seems that this is an elaborate ploy by the Aeon to take out both the UEF and Cybrans' bases, it is finally revealed at the very end that all the destruction was, in fact, caused by the Surrenderbot's sheer ineptitude.

As the series ends, the Ambassatron and Surrenderbot argue with one another about the failure of the surrender and the fact the Surrenderbot's ineptitude leaves them friendless, and the Ambassatron complains about having to surrender to both sides all over again.


  • Although the Cybrans, UEF and Aeon are easily-identifiable to anyone who has played Supreme Commander, the factions are never mentioned by name.
  • The "cities" are in fact fields of constructions that resemble rectangular city buildings, such as Power Generators, Mass Converters, and various Storage facilities.

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