Tier 1 Air units

Tier 1 air units are the most basic air units in the game. They are standard air units with small variety.

The Air scout is the fastest T1 unit in the game, it has very low hp but it has great speed and visual radius, it is used in a patrol when radar or sonar is not avalable, it could also support units that fire beyond their visual radius, like artillery.

The Interceptor is a fighter that engages other aircraft, it has a high T1 hp and it deals extreme damage to other t1 aircraft, sometimes killing in one hit. This is a very common unit for patrols and can be used as a scout if you need it to come back. At tier 2 it is not as deadly but can kill most aircraft in a few passes. At tier 3 it is slower than most aircraft, or takes many passes to destory them this is not recomended because T3 units are mostly defended from aircrafts. Facing experimentals with T1 interceptors is not recomended as you will need numbers over 100 to kill it, giving vetrancy.

The Attack Bomber is an early game air unit that drops small bombs on ground and surface units. They are generally fast, though not as fast as Interceptors, and have light armor. They have no anti-air capabilities. Bombers are vulnerable to Interceptors and anti-air defenses. Despite these drawbacks, attack bombers make excellent tools for use in early game, capable of performing base defense against small bands of T1 and sometimes T2 units, as well as providing an early first-strike capability against an enemy base or outlying mass extractor. Do not, however, overestimate their potential and send less than 6 against any position defended by any sort of AA, or you may come up short in your goal. If possible, escorting them with Interceptors is a must.

The Tech 1 Light Air Transport units are the lowest and weakest of transport units. They can carry either 6 Tech 1 units (8 for Seraphim), 3 Tech 2 units (2 for Cybrans) or 1 Tech 3 units (or a mix of the above). They cannot transport ACUs but they can transport a single SCU. They are poorly armored, weak, and will go down with very little fire.

The Cybran T1 Light Gunship, nicknamed the Jester, is a Cybran unit. It is a gunship. The Jester is an excellent tool for early rush tactics. With a DPS of 48, it has roughly twice the firepower of most T1 ground assault units, yet is much more mobile. In addition, its high HP (for a T1 air unit) allows it to survive quite well in the presence of T1 mobile AA and interceptors.

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