Tech 1 land units are land-based units that are typically cheaper than Tech 2 and Tech 3 versions. These Units are typically light and include light/medium tanks, light assault bots, T1 artillery, T1 engineers, and T1 anti-air.

Differences Edit


The UEF units are based of more modern, treaded vehicles. They retain their higher HP and decent damage


The Aeon units retain their powerful, single role units (Aurora has longest range, fervor has highest accuracy and dps) as well as their hover ability


The cybran Units have their cheaper, less efficient units (The medusas inaccurate fire, the mantis lower dps) they also don't have a tank, instead having an emphasis on bots.


The seriphm sont really have an emphasis on anything. They have hover as well as tracked units. the only notable thing is their lack of A dedicated light assault bot.

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