This strategy involves building for a while at tech 1 then upgrading your factory straight to tech 3. This is effective because you can often flood the enemy with tech 3 units while they are still at tech 2, but often requires that you fight an uphill battle until you can use said tech 3 units. It also requires that you (over)extend yourself to gain the required resources to be able to skip tech 2. If anyone has an improvement to this strategy then please edit this page.

Method for Cybran Edit

Upon getting to T3 in 15-20 minutes with a Monkeylord marching towards the enemy in 25-30 minutes in three consecutive games I can safely say this strategy works for me. Results will, obviously, vary.

The first thing to build is an Air Factory, followed by some Powerators. Next queue up Mass Extractors.

While your commander is building mass extractors set up a circular patrol route around your base using your Air Factory. Build a handful of Interceptors and T1 Gunships (10 of each will do fine). (The Cybran Light Gunship gives you accurate air-to-ground defense when compared to T1 bombers, while the Interceptors provide mobile anti-air.)

Your commander, at this point, should have murdered your economy, but you can't rush without consequence. Order him to surrAir Factory with T1 Power Generators. When you've got enough energy coming stored upgrade your Mass Extractors. When a couple of the Extractors have upgraded tech up your Air Factory to T3. Keep upgrading Mass Extractors to T2 if your economy can handle it.

When your factory is T3 aim to finish upgrading Mass Extractors to T2. Build 2 T3 Engi from the Air Factory and task them with building four T2 Power Plants, preferably surrounded by energy storages. Bui more Engin Mass Storage around your Mass Extractors and, when they're finished, assist the Engineers de. Finbuild one Engineer to build air-staging facilities in the centre of your base and some T2 point defense and anti-air in strategic locations in and around your base. Tell the other four Engineers to assist the defense-building one when they're finished with their power plants.

Back to those Mass Extractors, when they're all T2 start upgrading them to T3, but your priority should be the T2 Power Plants if you haven't finished them yet

Next loop a few T1 Interceptors, at least the same amount of T1 Light Gunships, a few T3 Air Superiority Fighters and 1-2 T3 Heavy Gunships, while building up another air factory with your commander. This one will construct T3 Bombers which should be kept in your base until you have whatever you deem necessary, then use some your ASFs to assist any one of them and fly them into the enemy base. Alternatively you can send the T3 bombers as they leave the factory, putting pressure on your opponent. If you can't see your opponent's commander then take out as much economy as you can, while building more defense in your base. A Quantum Gateway couldn't hurt, especially as Cybran. Repeat the T3 bomber swarms until your enemy is no more.

Using this method I had an ACU with the T3 Engineering Suite assisting a T3 Air Factory looping T3 Bombers, which was surrounded by upgraded kennels, which was constructing T3 bombers in a matter of seconds.

Method for Aeon Edit

This is a strategy for Aeon, that skips T2 and acquires T3. It should be done in 8th minute of the game, otherwise it can prove to be inefficient.

Firstly, why undergo T2 that has Blaze and Obsidian tanks, that are quite strong in T2? Well, it being said it's true, add mobile shield, and you'll have a powerful attack force against enemies. But then look at T3 odds - Harbringer, that has a nice 375 DPS, high speed and shield. If you can get to it in 8 minutes it will prove much worthier of an asset for your army than T2, that assumably you would get in 6th minute. (Of course, there are players that get it done in 3rd minute of the game, but that is another story)

Secondly, I want to tell how it helped me and where I see it to be efficient. In FFA games. And so, in Sentry Point (a 3 FFA map), with T2 Skip, I was able to win most of games. So, I'll mainly focus on how to get it done in this map.

Assuming your opponents, are as strong as you are, or stronger, you should always be prepared to ditch T2 skip, and focus on countering them, since often it can go to be 2 vs 1. That being said, let's look at what we should do at the start. (I'll go through my game plan, so feel free to see the flaws in it, and choose how you'd like it to be done). ACU arrives -> Land Factory -> 2 Power Generators(Pgens) -> 2 Mass Extractors(Mexes) -> 2Pgens (Note:you can do it faster by pressing B in start to get in build mode, then L for Land Fac, make it even faster by placing the fac below your ACU, so it won't have to turn around to build it!) LandF produces 3 Engies (1st engie build 2 mexes -> 2 Hydro (in Sentry Point) 2nd engie -> mexes to left, 3rd engie -> mexes to right) then 2 Scouts, send them to left and right to scout your opponents at start, to see what they will focus on (Air - bad, might as well get ready for early bombing. Land - you get a grin on your face), after scouts, 2 more engies (1 Engie to build 3 facs on the left, and 2nd engie to build 3 facs on the right side). With that done, This Land fac should go in loop for 1 Scout, 3 Tanks, 1 Artillery, 1 AA. 2nd Fac, that you built with your ACU, loops engies. When first looped engie arrive, Alt+move, to right, second engie Alt+move to right - they will reclaim trees and rocks. Start upgrading one Mex, and assist it with 1 engie, then eventually have an assist group of 5 engies (it will crash your economy for a bit, but you'll be able to get more resources taht way in less time) About 8 next looped engies should assist first Land fac, and when you have first 4 mexes upgraded, switch off loop in 1st fac, and upgrade it to T3 - Loop for harbringers. If you've done everything up to now by this guide, and you have looked carefully not to crash your economy too much, it should be the 6th minute of the game, when you do that, now it's cruical for you to hold your base against first enemy T2 troops, that's why you had 3 facs on each side to mass an army of T1. Keep on upgrading your mexes, and start massing Pgens with spare engies, since it will consume a lot of energy when your T3 starts to show up (not only production is a energy consuming job, also Each harbringer asks for 25 energy for it's shield) With the first Harbringer, choose one of enemies (mostly go for the one who tried or is still trying to harrass you) Now it's going to be a payback time, but still be aware of everything that's happening on your map (I excluded building a radar, but please, be considerate, and have one!). With this one harbringer you've got (nex one will be up shortly, but it should be left alone for now) Break into the enemies base (avoid ACU!! - Overcharge will kill your precious Harbringer in one shot!) and if you succeed cripple his economy, shoot down Pgens, mexes, everything you can, while moving your Harbringer around and evading too much resistance. Also if you're lucky enough, enemy might send you a T1 spam against you, 25 kills = 1 veterancy level. Each shot kills 1 T1. Yes, harbringer will annihilate any T1 spam in mere seconds. You can do the same for other enemies, it's up to you, but with atleast one player out of game, you'll have loads of mass in his base, meaning your T3 and T1 Spam will just crush your last enemy with no remorse.

I really hope this works for you, as it did for me. I can send Replays if you want, or consult you about your replays, just leave me a message.

[by NoeinHOLiC]

Method for all factions

The key to getting T3 requires the player to be expanding ASAP. It works like this, -ACU Spawn-Land factory-1 power gen- 20 Engineers Queue- ACU To front line-Hydrocarbon-5/6 Extractors-Force 1 to t2 with storage following- turrets- second, 3rd and forth extractor to t2, The player should not upgrade to tech 2 on the factory unless he has at least 20 t1 engineers. The reason for this is that your engineers need to be constantly building power and upgrading mass extractors, sometimes and more so forcefully, to ensure maximum economical stance. They should also be building t1 turrets around your base around the 3-5 minute mark to stop t1 rushes. Once you have at least 4 tech 2 extractors with mass storage around them, and at least 20-30 t1 power and the hydrocarbon (s), then you can round up all your engineers to force your factory to tech 2, and then straight to t3 which should only take 2 minutes. Remember, your ACU will need to be doing things also at the front line, reclaiming, attacking and building. This should only render your economy to a minimal, if any, downfall. Once you reach T3, tell your engineers to go and build/upgrade more extractors, breaking the 20 engineers into groups of 3-4 to do this, let your factory do it's thing and start building t2 power generators with your T3 engineers, and then you should instantly be building T3 assault bots as a priority, as it is almost certain that your enemy could simply overwhelm any t3 arty and or sniper bots with T1. Get a handful of assault bots and send them straight to your enemy, it's safe to say i have come out on top more than once from this method, as i have also managed a monkeylord in 17 minutes more than 10 times and a novax centre in 24 minutes (replays).


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