In Multiplayer Forged Alliance games a player can send voice taunts that everyone in game will receive.

To taunt, press enter so the chat window will appear. Then type in the short command for desired voice taunt.

For example, in chat type /1 and press enter to send the voice taunt message [Hall]: You will not stop the UEF!

There are total 64 voice taunts. Below is the full list.

United Earth Federation (UEF) Logo uef sm Edit

UEF-General William Hall

General William Hall

/1 = [Hall]: You will not stop the UEF!

/2 = [Hall]: Humanity will be saved!

/3 = [Hall]: You’re not going to stop me.

/4 = [Hall]: The gloves are coming off.

/5 = [Hall]: You’re in my way.

/6 = [Hall]: Get out of here while you still can.

/7 = [Hall]: I guess it’s time to end this farce.

/8 = [Hall]: You’ve got no chance against me!


Brigadier Commander Fletcher

/9 = [Fletcher]: This ain’t gonna be much of a fight.

/10 = [Fletcher]: You’re not puttin’ up much of a fight.

/11 = [Fletcher]: Do you have any idea of what you’re doing?

/12 = [Fletcher]: Not much on tactics, are ya?

/13 = [Fletcher]: If you run now, I’ll let you go.

/14 = [Fletcher]: You ain’t too good at this, are you?

/15 = [Fletcher]: Guess I got time to smack you around.

/16 = [Fletcher]: I feel a bit bad, beatin’ up on you like this.

Aeon Illuminate (Aeon) Logo illuminate sm Edit

Crusader Rhiza

Crusader Rhiza

/17 = [Rhiza]: Glory to the princess!

/18 = [Rhiza]: Glorious!

/19 = [Rhiza]: I will not be stopped!

/20 = [Rhiza]: All enemies of the princess will be destroyed!

/21 = [Rhiza]: I will hunt you to the ends of the galaxy!

/22 = [Rhiza]: For the aeon!

/23 = [Rhiza]: Flee while you can!

/24 = [Rhiza]: Behold the power of the illuminate!

Evaluator Kael

Evaluator Kael

/25 = [Kael]: The order will not be defeated!

/26 = [Kael]: If you grovel, I may let you live.

/27 = [Kael]: There will be nothing left of you when I am done.

/28 = [Kael]: You’re beginning to bore me.

/29 = [Kael]: My time is wasted on you.

/30 = [Kael]: Run while you can.

/31 = [Kael]: It must be frustrating to be so completely overmatched.

/32 = [Kael]: Beg for mercy.

Cybran Nation (Cybran) Logo cybran sm Edit


Elite Commander Dostya

/33 = [Dostya]: I have little to fear from the likes of you.

/34 = [Dostya]: Observe. You may learn something.

/35 = [Dostya]: I would flee, if I were you.

/36 = [Dostya]: You will be just another in my list of victories.

/37 = [Dostya]: You are not worth my time.

/38 = [Dostya]: Your defeat is without question.

/39 = [Dostya]: You seem to have courage. Intelligence seems to be lacking.

/40 = [Dostya]: I will destroy you.

Dr. Gustaf Brackman


/41 = [Brackman]: I’m afraid there is no hope for you, oh yes.

/42 = [Brackman]: Well, at least you provided me with some amusement.

/43 = Brackman]: Perhaps some remedial training is in order?

/44 = Brackman]: Are you sure you want to do that?

/45 = Brackman]: They do not call me a genius for nothing, you know.

/46 = Brackman]: Defeating you is hardly worth the effort, oh yes.

/47 = Brackman]: There is nothing you can do.

/48 = Brackman]: At least you will not suffer long.



/49 = [QAI]: You will not prevail.

/50 = [QAI]: Your destruction is 99% certain.

/51 = [QAI]: I cannot be defeated.

/52 = [QAI]: Your strategies are without merit.

/53 = [QAI]: My victory is without question.

/54 = [QAI]: Your defeat can be the only outcome.

/55 = [QAI]: Your efforts are futile.

/56 = [QAI]: Retreat is your only logical option.



/57 = [Hex5]: You’re screwed!

/58 = [Hex5]: I do make it look easy.

/59 = [Hex5]: You should probably run away now.

/60 = [Hex5]: A smoking crater is going to be all that’s left of you.

/61 = [Hex5]: So, I guess failure runs in your family?

/62 = [Hex5]: Man, I’m good at this!

/63 = [Hex5]: Goodbye!

/64 = [Hex5]: Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.

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