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Aeon icon experimental generic Aeon Experimental Battleship: Tempest
UAS0401 build btn f  s  e
  Submersible battleship. Armed with heavy torpedo launchers and a single Oblivion cannon. Can construct light support naval units.
Build Costs Energy icon -350000
Mass icon -28000
Time icon 12000
Build Rate
Time icon240/s
Max Health Health icon 35000
Speed 2.5 (SurfacingSub)
Veterancy Aeon veteran icon Kills icon 30 ( Health icon +10/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 100
Water Vision: 100
Radar: 150
Sonar: 250
Direct Fire Naval - Projectile
DPS 600
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 10 seconds
Range 150
Anti Navy - Torpedo
DPS 353
Torpedo  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
6 Torpedos (in 2 s)
4 seconds
Range 80
Defense - Anti Torpedo
Anti Torpedo  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
2 Anti Torpedos
1 seconds
Range (min - max) 15 - 45

The Aeon Experimental Battleship, nicknamed the Tempest, is an Aeon unit. This is an experimental unit. It is also a battleship, a factory, a submarine unit and an anti-torpedo unit.

The Tempest is a powerful Naval unit and is the one of the strongest sea-borne vessels, second only to the Atlantis and the Megalith. In most cases, backed by the Aeon Navy , the Oblivion Cannon leaves nothing short of a trail of sinking ships in its wake.

Its most important capability is the extremely powerful Oblivion Cannon which, when the Tempest surfaced, has the capability to sink most naval units with a single well placed shot. Although the battleships (All Factions), aircraft carriers (All Factions), and the Aeon destroyer would last a little longer due to their high HP, the Oblivion Cannon is able to take out closely grouped units with its high damage and it has a modest explosive radius. The Tempest also has a series of torpedo launchers meant for self-defense when submerged. Its torpedoes are comparatively weak, however, and thus this unit should not be expected to defeat sea-borne defenses or high-health navys from beneath the surface. The Tempest also has a long vision radius, and is equipped with Radar & Sonar.

Though its torpedoes are weak, a smart Aeon commander will ALWAYS dive upon encountering a Summit-class Battleship (UEF), which has been observed to either prevail, in the case of either extreme close range, so much that the final charging of the Tempest's Oblivion Cannon cannot complete fast enough or extreme long range, where the torpedoes cannot whittle down the Summit's health sufficiently, or achieve a draw (within Torpedo range of the Tempest but not too close) where mutual annihilation is observed. Of interest is the fact that the Summit is the ONLY Battleship to match the Tempest in main gun range, though the UEF and Seraphim cruisers' missiles will match the Tempest's range as well, which given that the Tempest is such a large and slow target, is definitely something to worry about. The fact that the UEF Battleship can more or less guarantee a win or draw against a vessel that is over twice as expensive in mass and over 4 times the energy cost (11250 vs 28000 mass, 75000 vs 350000 energy). No other naval unit has been observed to pull this off one-on-one, the only other units that have any chance of coming CLOSE are the Hauthuum, other Tempests, and experimental ships from mods.

There are also two somewhat more expensive units that will make short work of a Tempest: the slightly higher-priced UEF Experimental Submarine/Aircraft Carrier Atlantis, and the rediculously-priced Cybran Experimental Megabot Megalith. Both ships have better torpedoes and superior health, which enough to do it by itself. The Atlantis can submerge, just like the, Tempest, but it can also build and launch up to 150 aircraft of any tier (excluding transports) versus the T1 ships the Tempest is restricted to. To add insult to injury, the Atlantis can even build all of these aircraft while underwater, something the Aeon ship can only do with subs. Planes or not, the Atlantis can still win a one-on-one against the Tempest if it remains submerged, but the threat of seventy-plus torpedo bombers in addition to the Atlantis means that the Tempest will not survive long enough to even scratch the Atlantis' paint. The Megalith will win because it also has anti-torpedo weapons, far better torpedoes, two oversized proton cannon turrets which leaves surfacing out of the question, and the highest single-unit health in the game at 110,000 HP max. Even two Tempests can't take out a Megalith unsupported. 

The Tempest is also equipped with an anti-torpedo weapon, making it more resistant to attacks by torpedo units, especially subs. The Tempest, however, is vulnerable to even the smallest of anti-naval air attacks, as it is not armed with any anti-air weapons. When surfaced, it is vital that the Tempest be escorted by a sizable air force to counter any attempted air attack from enemies. Unless grouped into large sorties, torpedo bombers remain one of the least effective air attacks, as the Tempest is equipped with anti-torpedo defenses.

Lastly, the Tempest is capable of building T2 and T1 naval vessels, and all tiers of engineers. It must be surfaced and not moving to perform this action. This allows the Tempest and its Aeon navy to assault an enemy naval force and replenish its own navy after the battle, or to build additional navy units for shore bombardment. Referring back to the Tempest's lack of Anti Air weaponry, but possessing the infrastructure to build the T2 Cruiser at a considerable rate is an ability not to be taken lightly.

See the battleship article for details on factional differences.

Using a Tempest Edit

Because of the tempest's vulnerability to air attacks, a smart Aeon commander should keep it safe from enemy intel until air support is provided for the tempest. Additionally, because of its superior build speed to a T3 naval factory, it can construct cruisers in a matter of 40-50 seconds. This will come extremely helpful against gunships, however, when it comes to bombers, because of their early bomb dropping time, the cruisers should be spread out in a large circular formation for the tempest, allowing more succesful AA defense against bombers. When surfacing for shore bombardment keep in mind the tempest is a large easy to hit target even for coastal artillery or cruise missiles so keep an eye on its health and avoid getting closer to the shore than you need.

Bugs Edit

The tempest is a large clumsy unit. It is prone to getting stuck on the surface especially when surrounded by a fleet. Submerging it when this happens is usually the best solution. Sometimes the AI pathfinding is clumsy going around objects, so queuing its movements to micro manage this can help.

Trivia Edit

You can make the tempest's main gun fire straight up by ordering it to attack ground, waiting for it to start charging up, and then clicking submerge. The gun will point up (as part of the submersion animation) and fire its shot straight up. An experiment in Sandbox mode revealed that three of these upward shots is enough to shoot down a Czar. This is rather odd considering the Czar has far more HP than the 18000 damage three shots are supposed to equal, but perhaps there is a special damage modifier. Testing has yet to be conducted on the use of this weapon against Ahwassa Experimental Bombers.

Other independent tests showed these shots deal no damage so if it is a question of who to beleive, then try it yourself.

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