The Dark Heart
Forged Alliance official skirmish map
The Dark Heart preview
Max Players 6
Size: 10x10 km
     Situated in an inland delta, this area has been home to rebels, guerillas and smugglers alike. Since the Seraphim Invasion, the Heart has become home to one of the few non-miltary Seraphim colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Dark Heart is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance.

The Dark Heart Edit

This map is perfect for 1v1v1 or 2v2v2. Both islands have quite some room for development and the additional wreckages on each island and the triangular landmasses in the corner/edges can be reclaimed early to upgrade economy or build additional units.

The center island's vast mass resources will prove to be a point of focus for many fights.

Tactics Edit

Valid tactics that have been seen in this game are: - Aeon t1 amphibious tanks rush - Seraphim t1 amphipious artillery rush - T2 amphibious tank armies (notably aeon) - Sea superiority (nothing is safe from cruisers/destroyers on this map) - Multiple T2 Artillery placements from the secondary areas (triangluar shapes on the sides)

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