The Ditch
Supreme Commander official skirmish map

The Ditch preview

The Ditch carto

Max Players 6
Size: 20x20 km
     Devoid of any atmosphere, vegetation or animal life, the Ditch is the last place anyone would want to go. However, it does have amazingly rich mineral deposits, which makes it worth fighting for.

The Ditch is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.

One notable feature of The Ditch is that there is a lot of reclaimable mass in the form of boulder fields all over the map. This allows for more rapid expansion than average, and a player which does not harness these valuable supplies is at a serious disadvantage.

While The Ditch has a fair amount of water present, naval forces are not usually hugely important. Air superiority is instead often a key focus of games.

In Aeon Campaign Mission five, the map is somewhat modified. Most of the map is the same, but the water now reaches the northern border and there are two civilian settlements that have to be protected from Ariel and William Blake.

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