The Scar
Supreme Commander official skirmish map

The Scar preview

The Scar carto

Max Players 6
Size: 20x20 km
     Surrounded by lava, the Scar is little more than an outcropping of rock that hasn't yet been consumed by the fire around it. Despite its dangerous environment, it does possess significant mineral deposits, which draw Commanders from all over to battle for its riches.

The Scar is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.

The Scar is notable for having its mass spread quite widely, with the start positions having relatively few mass deposits very nearby. This can lead to heated struggles in the early game to expand quickly before teching up. The mountainous terrain requires particular care managing land forces, and favours ambushes.

The small lake of water in the centre is almost entirely useless for naval purposes, although an potentially useful strategy could involve a Cybran commander building Salem Class destroyers there as a valuable addition to his land forces.

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