The Wilderness
Supreme Commander official skirmish map

The Wilderness preview

The Wilderness carto

Max Players 4
Size: 10x10 km
     In a different age, the Wilderness might have been a nature preserve. With its waterways and thick forests, life of all kinds flourished. The Wilderness, though, had the misfortune to be chosen as a Gate hub. Its forests now echo with the crash of weapons fire and the waterways are clogged with the hulls of broken warships.

The Wilderness is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.

Due to the fact that none of the islands or the mainland is connected, land factories aren't valuable at the beginning of a game, you should rather focus on gaining air superiority over your spawn point, then tech up and produce gunships. Amphibious tanks can catch your enemy off-guard, especially if you've been focusing on air strikes, so can the Seraphim T2 Destroyer with it's ability to submerge. Over-all, the best strategy for this map is gaining air superiority, then striking with gunships. The Cybran Nation can weaken the enemy early on using their jester gunships, making them a prime choice for a map such as this. The Aeon and Seraphim are excellent choices on this map. A rush with T1 hover units can be lethal, and at T2 both factions have amphibious tanks and hover flak. The Aeon also have their Asylum T2 Mobile Shield Generator. At T3 the Aeon have their Absolver and the Seraphim have their Othuum and T3 Mobile Shield. Due to the high amount of reclaimable mass, an early rush is ideal for Aeon and Seraphim.

In UEF Campaign Mission 4 and Cybran Campaign Mission 3, the map is a heavily modified version of The Wilderness. Only the top part of the map remains the same. The rest of the terrain is set a bit randomly so that land units are more practical.

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