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The Aeon.

the Aeon at their core are fanatics. However their arsenal is quite powerful. In general anyone of their units will destroy another factions unit of the same type because they are all single purpose units.

Their armies are fairly good, with their array of good T2 tanks and their advanced SAB (with a shield, a weapon that oddly does twice the DPS of the other faction's SABs, and limited engineering capabilities). They also have several hover units that can support their navy and surprise opponents with attacks from water. Their air force is average in T1 and T2, only in T3 do they obtain advantages over other factions. They have the only T3 torpedo bomber, a strategic bomber that tracks its targets, and a gunship that has superior air defense along with a good air to ground weapon. However the weapon only does 1/2 of the damage of a normal gunship. Their navy is equipped with highly capable weapons like the Oblivion Cannon, the Quantum Cannon, and their ship-mounted Tactical Missiles. When using their navy however, it is best to remember that unless you include either Shards, Infinity Class Cruisers or Keefer Class in your naval force, you won't have any anti-air.

As with the UEF and the Seraphim, it's highly recommended that you back up your attack forces with mobile shields. This will significantly increase the longevity of your units, especially against point defense. Their artillery is also good, but unlike the other factions, it exists for precision work - not great at taking out armies, but it almost always hits its target dealing massive damage. Their navy typically uses lower tech units to attack and hold off the enemy until you can get Torrents and/or a Tempest built. Either will pound an enemy with high-damage projectiles, both need backup of one sort or another, provided expertly by either the Aeon's hovering land armies (shields and AA mainly) or their other naval units.

Their military lacks a T3 amphibious unit, but with amphibious shields, it means that T2 hover armies can stand against smaller T3 armies without too much in the way of losses, meaning that their hover armies remain somewhat viable right up until their opponent begins using experimentals. The Aeon Experimentals are well rounded, giving an Aeon Commander a choice of either a game ender (The Paragon), a cheapish ground unit (The Galactic Colossus), an expensive air unit (The Czar) or a very cheap, high-quality naval unit (The Tempest). Each excels in what it does - the Galactic Colossus being on par with all other factions' ground experimentals, and its huge amounts of health often allowing for it to do more against lower tech armies, and its claws drawing in higher tech units. The Czar can dominate either land or air (although it is still vulnerable to ASFs, it has some of the highest damaging anti-air weapons in the game), and also acts as a mobile air factory, whereas the Tempest is effectively short-ranged artillery that is submersible, can construct naval units and is armed with very effective torpedoes. Using each of these in combination with a regular military can be devastating, giving the Aeon a good balance of land, sea and air.


An Aeon player must be extremely careful with the units they choose, as any production mistake can result in an unexpected loss. Because of their single purpose units, it is important to always mix units. This is actually difficult for new player to grasp and pros can often exploit this weakness.  

Their shields are decently strong, but have very short ranges, making it hard to defend a base against T3 arty. This also makes it difficult to make effective firebases.  

The Torrent Class Missile Ship is extremely deadly, and fills in the role which the UEF and Seraphim cruisers have in shore bombardment, however it is extremely expensive and time-consuming to build, second only to a Battleship in naval terms. 

The CZAR Flying Fortress will almost never get a chance to use all of its weaponry, as it will likely get shot down before it does, and on maps with no naval, the depth charges are useless. For an Aeon unit, it is surprisingly multi-purpose, serving as a flying aircraft carrier, a powerful air superiority unit, a devastating ground-targeting air unit, a surprise anti-naval unit and an excellent suicide unit (if your CZAR is close to destruction and is not able to retreat and repair, make sure to position it over high-value enemy targets as it will deal massive damage when crashing into the ground). Again, it is expensive and possesses little armour, making it vunerable to interception by ASFs before it reaches its target.

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