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In Supreme Commander (and Forged Alliance), there are three broad types of units - Land, Sea and Air. Each faction has a roughly even distribution of each, and each category has several sub-types.

Factional Differences Edit

Aeon Edit

Typically (although not universally), Aeon units are single-minded, better at their primary task and worse at everything else. They are also typically slightly higher quality units at a greater cost than the other factions.

A good example of this would be the Aeon T1 Frigate, "Beacon Class". Unlike other frigates (such as the Thunderhead Class, the Hau-esel and the Trident Class, the Beacon Class has no Anti-air capability. As the primary function of all Frigates is in an anti-surface capacity, the Aeon frigate foregoes anti-air to have a greater firing arc with its two cannons, and higher survivability vs. submarines (despite not being able to kill them, the addition of anti-torpedoes turns their frigate into a force multiplier.

Another Aeon trait is their units typically hover. While it is a trait that applies to less units than the above, it is none the less very noticeable (and powerful). Their Aurora hovers, giving them a noticeable edge in early battles on water maps, and they have a hovering T2 mobile AA flak artillery

Other good examples of the Aeon single-minded philosophy are: the Attack Boat and the Aeon Combat Fighter.

Cybran Edit

Cybran units tend to be Stealthy when possible, and their units are typically cheaper than other factions - often at a slight health penalty.

A good example of this would be the Cybran T1 Assault Bot, "Mantis". It is highly manoeuvrable, and cheaper than the other faction's T1 units, while still retaining their DPS, and with only a slight penalty to health.

Other good examples of the Cybran philosophy are: The Cybran T3 Armored Assault Bot, with its sea-defences, making stealthy underwater attacks far less risky than with the UEF Percival and the Cybran Monkeylord, the cheapest land Experimental.

UEF Edit

UEF units typically have more health and tend towards being jack-of-all-trades style units. UEF units tend towards weapons mounted on turrets, which can be both a hindrance and a boon, as they often move more slowly traversing smaller angles, leading to UEF units being slower in their initial salvo.

A good example of this mentality would be in the UEF T1 Frigate, "Thunderhead Class", which not only has AA but also a radar jammer, making tracking nearby units almost impossible with either radar or sonar, as well as having good DPS and great health compared to other factions Frigates.

Other good examples of the UEF philosophy are: UEF Percival and the UEF Fatboy.

The UEF additionally focus on overall defensive capability: Notice the 'Ravager' T3 heavy point defense tower, capable of falling even mighty experimentals in numbers. The UEF Fatboy also is useful for base defense with long range turret ballistae and a factory capability (which allows for engineers to be built, which in turn build defensive structures).

Seraphim Edit

Seraphim units are often very similar to their Aeon counterparts - for example, they have a hovering T1 Light Artillery unit, whereas the Aeon have a hovering T1 Light Tank. Their main trait, like the Aeon, is that their units are very good at what they do - they typically have the best unit in each category, but you pay a premium for this. Given a choice, they opt for single-shot damage rather than damage over time and are typically either best or second best in every category (DPS, health, range, speed).

A good example of this philosophy would be the Seraphim T2 Fighter Bomber, "Notha". It releases its payload in a single bomb, making it far more effective at taking down large units and less effective at taking down groups of units, however it out-damages by far its UEF rival, which spreads its payload out, typically causing lower damage to any one unit.

Other good examples of the Seraphim philosophy are: the Ilshavoh and the Ythotha.

(Please note: since Seraphim units are, in overall sense, more powerful, less variations of units are included: For example, the Seraphim only has three official experimentals, while other factions have four options.)

Types of Unit Edit

Land Units Edit

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Land Units are the cheapest of the

Scout Edit

Anti-Air Edit

Artillery Edit

Bot Edit

Tank Edit

Naval Units Edit

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Submarine Edit

Frigate Edit

Destroyer Edit

Cruiser Edit

Battleship Edit

Aircraft Carrier Edit

Air units Edit

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Fighter Edit

Bomber Edit

Gunship Edit

Scout Edit

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