This table is a list off most of the units in the game, grouped by type, regardless of faction. The goal of this page is to read about a type of unit in particular, like tech 2 artillery installation or tech 1 air scouts. Links in blue are existing pages, whereas links in red are pages that will hopefully be made in the future.

Note that unique units, that have no equivalent cross-faction, will not appear here.

Tech 1 Tech 2 Tech 3
Land units
Land scout Uef icon land1 intel T1 - -
Mobile anti-air Uef icon land1 antiair T1 Anti-Air Gun Uef icon land2 antiair T2 AA Flak Artillery -
Mobile artillery Uef icon land1 artillery T1 Light - Uef icon land3 artillery T3 Heavy
Mobile missile launcher - Uef icon land2 missile T2 -
Mobile shield generator - Uef icon land2 shield T2 -
Bot Uef icon bot1 directfire T1 Light Assault Uef icon bot2 directfire T2 bot Uef icon bot3 directfire T3 Heavy Assault/Siege
Uef icon bot3 directfire T3 Armored Assault
Uef icon bot3 directfire T3 Sniper Bot
Tank Uef icon land1 directfire T1 Light/Medium Uef icon land2 directfire T2 Heavy
Uef icon land2 directfire T2 Amphibious
Air units
Air Transports Uef icon gunship1 transport T1 Light Uef icon gunship2 transport T2 -
Fighter Uef icon fighter1 antiair T1 Interceptor Uef icon fighter2 directfire T2 Fighter/Bomber Uef icon fighter3 antiair T3 Air Superiority
Bomber Uef icon bomber1 directfire T1 Attack Uef icon bomber2 antinavy T2 Torpedo
Uef icon fighter2 directfire T2 Fighter/Bomber
Uef icon bomber3 directfire T3 Strategic
Gunship - Uef icon gunship2 directfire T2 Uef icon gunship3 directfire T3 Heavy
Intel Uef icon fighter1 intel T1 Air Scout - Uef icon fighter3 intel T3 Spy Plane
Naval units
Submarine Uef icon sub1 antinavy T1 Attack Uef icon ship2 antinavy Uef icon sub2 antinavy T2 Submarine Hunter Uef icon sub3 missile T3 Strategic Missile
Frigate Uef icon ship1 intel T1 - -
Destroyer - Uef icon ship2 antinavy T2 -
Cruiser - Uef icon ship2 antiair T2 -
Battleship - - Uef icon ship3 directfire T3
Aircraft Carrier - - Uef icon ship3 air T3
Buildings - Attack
Artillery installation - Uef icon structure2 artillery T2 Uef icon structure3 artillery T3 Heavy
Missile launcher - Uef icon structure2 missile T2 Tactical Uef icon structure3 missile T3 Strategic
Buildings - Defense
Point defense Uef icon structure1 directfire T1 Uef icon structure2 directfire T2 -
Anti-air defense Uef icon structure1 antiair T1 Turret Uef icon structure2 antiair T2 Flak Artillery Uef icon structure3 antiair T3 SAM launcher
Torpedo launcher Uef icon structure1 antinavy T1 Uef icon structure2 antinavy T2 -
Missile defense - Uef icon structure2 antimissile T2 Tactical Uef icon structure3 antimissile T3 Strategic
Shield generator - Uef icon structure2 shield T2 Uef icon structure3 shield T3 Heavy
Buildings - Intelligence
Stealth field generator - Uef icon structure2 counterintel T2 -
Radar Uef icon structure1 intel T1 Uef icon structure2 intel T2 Uef icon structure3 intel T3 Omni
Sonar Uef icon structure1 intel T1 Uef icon structure2 intel T2 Uef icon structure3 intel T3

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