Hello all! For those of you who don't know about Varga Pass, it is the only map with one mass extraction point near your starting location. It is also a difficult rush map, as the two nearest mass extraction point are each several kilometers away. But rushing is possible on Varga Pass, and fairly easy too. This strategy is probably just one of many.

There are two steps to this strategy: building up your economy and unit production.

Step one: Resources. First, build an energy generator anywhere but be careful to keep it away from the mass extraction point. Then build a mass extractor on the mass extraction point. Wait until your mass storage has about 630 mass in it, then upgrade your mass extractor to T2. Your economy will plummet very fast, but if you listened to the previous advice in this step the mass extractor should finish just before the storage is depleted. Wait about 10 seconds for your storage to get filled a little, then build three more energy generators close to the current one. You're ready to move to step two.

Step two: Units. Build two land factories and try to make them adjacent to several generators each, but make sure they are NOT adjacent to the extractor. Have each factory produce two engineers.

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