War tactic: by Tyler Wilson.
Whats the difference between a war tactic and strategy?

A war tactic is not a cook book and is more of a general way to do something. on this page I won't be going over known tactics (cybran t1 gunship rush, mantis rush) but creative ideas that people can adapt and use in their games. Any tactics I list are simply theories that could help you some point in the game.

Cybran war tactics Edit


Cybran have generally weak t1 and t2 ground units. Mantis are weak and medusas have the least damage of t1 arty. Rhinos are fairly weak and their amphibious tanks aren't able to hover. They are the only faction not to have a mobile shield generator. However, they have great naval capabilities. Say you win the naval game, but are locked in a stale mate on land. Many people go right for t2 arty. However this is a costly tactic. Don't forget that Cybran destroyers have legs. They can provide great longrange fire and move with your forces once you defeat the enemies fire base. This can be extremely helpful since cybrans don't have a t2 missile cruiser which is often used to break stale mates. Shields won't be able to stand up against 2 or three destroyers for long and once they fall, the base will be quickly destroyed.

Remember this is an idea and can obviously changed to suit different situation.


Many people know about the fire beatle snipe, but has anyone thought about borrowing a UEF T3 transport, putting a mobile stealth gen and as many fire beetles as you can fit on it. This would be so much more effective than using a normal cybran t2 transport. There are several advantages.

  1. There is a lot more Space meaning you have a much better chance of being successful
  2. the uef t3 transport has more health and a shield meaning there is less of a chance of having the fire beetles being blown of by flack and in general a greater chance of getting the transport back
  3. The transport has decent AA and air to ground weapons meaning that it can assist the beetles by keeping the sky clear of gunships and killing of small ground units
  4. With more space, you can fit a cybran t2 mobile stealth gen which will let you get in undetected as long as the enemy does not have Omni

UEF war tactics Edit


UEF t2 gunships, in my opinion, have an untapped ability. THEY HAVE A TRANSPORT CLAMP. The UEF gunship has a normal dps of 60. However, you can increase it by a third by simply adding a mech marine. This effectively increases the dps to 81 for a fraction of the cost. You just have to watch out for flack, as it can blow the mech marine off.

Strangly, you can fit a t2 unit on the gunship, meaning you can fit a cybran mobile stealth gen on and make a stealth gunship (as long as there is not Omni)


Many of the factions bombers are good for snipes and destroying important builds. However the UEF scorcher and Janus are not really built for this job. They both have widespread naplam bombs that do light damage over a large area. Late game, t1 engi's are often used to spam aircraft. Late game, it is almost as important to destroy build power as it is to destroy eco. The scorcher is okay, but late game is useless. The Janus on the other hand is built just for this job. A well timed bomb can take out nearly thirty engineers which is a considerable amount of build power late game. This will give the other air player an edge in the air game

Remeber, if the opposing air player has hordes of ASF's, you may want to send in some sort of distraction. THE JANUS WILL DIE IF THEY ARE ENGAGED WITH OPPOSING ASF's. Either send an escort or make a distraction

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