White Fire
Supreme Commander official skirmish map

White Fire preview

White Fire carto

Max Players 6
Size: 10x10 km
     White Fire was a secret Aeon naval base. The Aeon built hundreds of ships and then unleashed them upon their unsuspecting enemies. They almost took the planet, but the UEF rallied, struck back and eventually White Fire was destroyed. Now, years later, the war has returned to the area and everyone is determined to claim the base for themselves.

White Fire is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.

White Fire is best to be played as Aeon as there are a few ruined naval bases that can be used to accelerate their construction. This is usefull as you can quickly build your first naval factory before anyone else. The amphibious capabilities of the Aeon also prove extremely useful.

Naval power is very important in this map as you'll probably have to use it to stop enemy expansion to the close by islands. Each base has 6 mass deposits within easy reach, so expanding early can be a big boost.

One thing to watch out for is an enemy sneaking an engineer into the other bases on your half of the map. To avoid this make sure you have ample radar coverage, and air scouts constantly patrolling.

In aeon campaign mission one, the map is a lightly modified verson of white fire, the north half is almost exactly the same, in the south islands replace the paralel landmass. The ruined naval bases are not present.

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